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The evolution of Abaya’s and modest fashion

The term Abaya is the Arabic reference of a cloak, it is loose over garments, worn by some women in the different parts of the Muslim world. The origins of the Abaya are vague and found to start from the civilisations of Mesopotamia, around 4000 years ago. An Abaya drapes as a robe like dress…

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Casual Abayas

Looking for the best Casual Abayas, Ben Harad has the best range of Casual Abayas available online… Black native abaya Cream egyptian kimono Grey miya sport abaya Light orange egyptian kimono  

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Ben Harad is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Abayas… Aaliyah black gown Baby blue embroidered dress Black Alzena gown Black doha gown Black Jumpsuit couture  

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